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Addiction and other mental health disorders affect the mind, body and spirit, clouding your ability to see past the dark moments to your bright future ahead. Millions of people from every walk of life suffer unnecessarily.  We offer you an opportunity to face your difficulties constructively and confidently, freeing you to enjoy the good things life has to offer and allowing you to achieve life balance. Call now and change your life with the guidance and support that you have always been seeking.

A refreshing new approach to alcohol and drug treatment, and other behavioral addictions.


Our Mission

We work to help you learn fast effective techniques to replace undesirable negative thoughts and behaviors that lead to anxiety, depression or addictive patterns. We use a combined approach of traditional psychotherapy along with cognitive restructuring, yoga therapy, NLP (neural linguistic programming), mindfulness, and other holistic therapies. Our mission is to help you learn a new neural path of wellness by expanding your mind and practicing a mind/body philosophy that channels internal peace and long lasting change. At CMH we believe that every person can unlearn defeating patterns and replace them with successful ones. Our strategic fusion of Western and Eastern techniques provides a permanent sense of calm, a renewed sense of empowerment and a deeper awareness of how to maintain a sound mind and healthy body. Our mission is to assist you in rediscovering your optimal potential and empower you to achieve it forever.


‚Äč Our Philosophy

We believe all behavior and thought patterns can be learned and unlearned, and replaced with new patterns of healthy, self promoting behaviors and thoughts.  Despite the influence of genetics, social, and environmental factors, empirical evidence and recent studies show that undesirable behavioral patterns can be unlearned perhaps forever. Our approach involves treating the whole person while simultaneously removing the symptoms to help a person transition through life’s challenges in a healthy way, ensuring  lasting results.  Our mind/body Psychotherapy integrates mindful breathing, body awareness, and conscious relaxation, with well-established cognitive restructuring tools. It reduces stress at a neurological level, and increases motivation for change and learning. Our life balance approach also creates an attitude, through daily discipline and structured routine. Most importantly, our Eastern and Western infused Psychotherapy offers refreshing perspectives to manage daily life challenges as the individual integrates back into their social world. Mind/body Psychotherapy simultaneously targets the role of the brain, the body, the spirit, the social self, and the mind. This is of paramount importance because a large number of people who battle with addiction have the underlying issues of stress and anxiety, which prevent the healing of addictive behaviors.  

At CMH, we use a wellness initiative that involves rediscovery and re-patterning through a combination of traditional psychotherapy and holistic approaches. Our life balance and wellness tools integrate the role of fitness, diet, career interests, hobbies, yoga, meditation and much more in order to give the person tools that they will take with them for the rest of their life.  


Looking for an alternative to AA/NA meetings and need signed notes for court or probation? Do you have a DWI, DUI, or court date? Need coaching or  counseling to help with an alcohol or durg problem? Sign up now! Are you tired of being labeled! Attend my Wednesday 6 p.m. lecture series and hear my refreshing perspective on addiction. You are not "addicts" you are people! CMH doesn't view people as a problem. Enough with the labels! Current treatment providers and efforts continuously "label" creating separation and unconsciously couold be causing you to return to old unhealthy patterns! We are what we repeatedly label ourselves! The answer is discovering your optimal potential and living optimally. At our program and in my book and workbook, I discuss how to live optimally. We teach you how to repattern. We no longer use labeling words like "addict" or "alcoholic" or "relapse" or "recovery". We don't view addiction as an incurable disease. And we teach you the psycho-socio-neuro perspective of addiction. We teach terms like "living optimally", "living to your potential", "re-patterning". We view addiction and other disorders as byproduct of not living in synchronicity with your optimal blueprint. Genetics may influence some of us but the answers to heal and live well are the same for everyone no matter who your relatives are! Learn how to live optimally according to your internal blueprint. It's there for you. We will show you how and help you reach your optimal performance! Call today and create the best version of you! Put aside all that you think you know about yourself and expand into who you are meant to be! Call me now on my personal cellphone at 443-803-3848. 
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